John Mayer Crushes Hot Wings While Talking About Chillin’ In Montana And Why The Nickelback Jokes Are Gettin’ Old

Complex’s Hot Ones is probably the best show on the Internet. Just famous people Bro-ing out with host Sean Evans while crushing chicken wings. 

John Mayer, bonafide Bro icon, just went on the show to talk about his life and career over hot wings. There are MANY pearls of wisdom from the interview, including how he loves eating elk at his home in Montana, along with his streetwear obsession. There’s also plenty of ball-busting over his notoriously-intense guitar face. But for the sake of a headline, however, let’s call out Mayer’s take on Nickelback. Those jokes about lookin’ at this photograph? Yea, it’s not 2012 anymore. They’re pretty played out.

“Nickelback is not as bad as the punishment they get. People ripping on Nickelback is like when your mom used to yell at your dad, but like, too much. And you were like, ‘I wanna see him get called out, but this is getting ridiculous.’ You know, I’d like to come in and equalize the Nickelback thing a little bit…”

“Here’s what happens: You go in a room, you try your best to write songs, and they come out really nice. They come out really good. And then what happens is they get to a point of success where the public feels like a market correction is due. Ed Sheeran is the official soundtrack to every Uber ride I’ve had in the last year, and that’s not his fault…”

Space your face to Dead and Company at a city near you this summer.

And quick reminder to listen to this important PSA if you own Grateful Dead merch but have never been to a show…

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