Bill Nye The Science Guy Helps Explain The ‘Green New Deal’ Using F-Bombs And Exploding Mentos In Diet Coke

by 1 year ago

I’m assuming that most of you have heard of the ‘Green New Deal’ by now. It’s a MONSTER document that’s taken on herculean proportions in no time at all. It would take the average individual a lifetime to sift through this incredibly complex and dangerous document and that’s why we have the experts to break it down for us, right?

No. That’s not right at all. In actuality, the Green New Deal doesn’t get into any policy specifics whatsoever. It DEFINITELY doesn’t talk about killing off fart-producing cows like some pundits have claimed it does. It’s really just a few page outline of the steps that need to be taken in order to stave off a complete global collapse from carbon-caused climate change.

After the Green New Deal was buoyed up as the most dangerous document in history by some news pundits in the past few weeks, John Oliver went all-in on explaining it on Last Week Tonight. He kicks it off by making an excellent point that the Green New Deal was already voted down weeks ago but we are still hearing about it all day every day in the news, and most of that coverage is negative. Can you think of any other time that the news is dragging out anything like this weeks after it was shot down? I can’t even think of policy outside of health care that’s occupied the news cycle like this.

If you’re only here for the Bill Nye the Science Guy portion, that kicks off around the 10-minute mark so you can just jump ahead in this clip but I highly suggest hitting play and leaving it on in the background so we can all understand how this ‘radical’ and dangerous policy isn’t what the news wants us to believe it is.

I can honestly say that I’ve never actually watched John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on TV despite the fact that I’m an HBO subscriber and have the TV on all day while working. There’s no need because he puts the full clips up on YouTube like this one above.

I do wish I watched these clips more often though. I really only catch them when friends send them to me, so they’re the ones I know are worth watching, but I’m sure there are some excellent episodes slipping through the cracks.

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