This 23-Year-Old Dude Lost 180+ Pounds And Got FIT By Jumping On Trampolines

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When I think back about trampolines my memories are mostly about double jumping and/or me falling on the trampoline while my older cousins would jump as hard as possible to ensure I wasn’t able to stand back up, or vice versa when they fell.

What I don’t think about is jumping on trampolines as an adult as, and definitely not as a way to lose a huge amount of weight. But that’s the story behind 23-year-old Jordan Martinez from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in northern England.

At one point, Jorand weighed 350-pounds (25 stone) and doctors told him he might not live to see his 30th birthday unless he made some drastic lifestyle changes and lost weight. That’s when he cut his junk food addiction and hit the trampoline. The Daily Mail said at Jordan’s heaviest, he was living off a diet of family-sized pizzas, McDonald’s, Ice Cream, Chinese food takeout, and sugary cereals all day every day.

He quit that food, moved to trampolining, and the pounds began to waste away. He lost 182-pounds (13 stone) thanks to trampolining and diet. He now looks like a completely different person.

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If you think you can’t do it, if you feel helpless to try, please please believe me when I say it’s easier than you think, and it doesn’t mean starving yourself. These pictures are 3 years apart. It’s not an overnight process, but slow and steady wins the race. I’ve maintained my weight loss for almost 2 years now, and I couldn’t be happier with how far I’ve come. Don’t like it? Don’t comment! 💪🏼 #WeightLoss #TransformationTuesday #FatLoss #FatToFit #Inspiration #Motivation #LooseSkin #SkinRemoval #Exercise #Healthy #Lifestyle #LifestyleChange #PersonalTrainer #PT #BeYourBest #BeYourBestSelf #BeYourBestYou #TuesdayTransformation #IfICanDoItSoCanYou #182lbsLost #13StoneLost #Transformation #BodyTransformation #Happy #NeverGoingBack #Determination

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‘The trend in trampolining has soared over the past few years and I’ve found it certainly one of the best and most enjoyable ways to get fit.
‘Clients are astonished at the versatility of trampolining, as it burns calories but also builds stamina.
‘A top tip that I really push during our trampoline exercise classes is to jump higher because it makes the workout more intense – it really does bring great results!’ (via)

Changing his diet also had a huge impact on his weight loss, it wasn’t all the trampoline exercises. Here’s what his current 5-meal-a-day diet looks like:

Meal 1: 100g shreddies & 350ml skimmed milk
Meal 2: 200g oats soaked in 400ml skimmed milk overnight in fridge
Meal 3: Tesco healthy living cod mornay, mashed potato & peas
Meal 4: Chicken breast
Meal 5: 200g spaghetti (dry weight), 250g 5% fat mince, one container Dolmio sauce and 100g mozzarella cheese
Snacks: 0% fat yogurt, Halo Top ice cream, peanut M&Ms, Toblerone (not all on the same day like snacks before losing weight!)

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Well, it’s been a #crazy few years. My doctor told me in 2015, aged 20, that I’d be #dead before my 30th birthday. Being told you’ve lived 2/3 of your life already at such a young age, or at any age for that matter, is a pretty #terrifying prospect. I might be going against the grain here, but I want to give you the best #advice I possibly can from both a #personal and #professional standpoint, absolutely #FREE!! People who think it’s difficult making a #change.. IT IS NOT!! So many people have asked me for advice, and it’s really just about making #healthier swaps. For example, mayo to light mayo, whole milk to skimmed, oil/butter to low #calorie cooking spray, pop/cordial to the sugar free varieties etc. It’s #amazing what a #difference it makes! #Fat has 9 cals per gram, and #protein and #carbs have 7 cals per gram, so low fat options will automatically make your #food choices lower in #calories. Food high in good carbs such as dried pasta, rice, potatoes etc will keep you going for longer with a slow release of #energy. The protein will help you to retain your #muscle if you’re doing some strength training, and it’s your muscle that gives you the shape you might want when you hit your target. I’m not talking about getting #ripped, but why lose what you already have? Work smarter, lift heavy weights 3 times a week for lower reps followed by 15 minutes of #HIIT.. that’ll trigger something called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, aka the #afterburn effect, and depending on the #intensity of your workout you could be burning calories up to 72 hours post exercise! As you can see from the bottom right picture, I found out the hard way. I didn’t have the #knowledge I have now so I lost the vast majority of my muscle and had to start from scratch. I could have potentially knocked a year off of my journey, but having said that, I’m so #proud of what I’ve #achieved, and the amount of strangers who have got in touch to tell me that I’ve inspired them and having the opportunity to see their #results is incredibly #humbling. I do what I do to try and help as many people as humanly possible, and I just hope this post helps a few more reach their goals! 🤞🏼

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I’ve recently lost 30-pounds myself which is absolutely nothing compared to this bro. But I was able to take the weight off by doing cardio 4-6 days a week and changing my diet to mostly eating microwavable meals from Evol.

It’s not that those meals are any healthier than what I was eating before but for me, it’s been all about portion control. Before, if I was cooking dinner at home I’d generally eat until I was full. And I’d do the same at restaurants. By moving to a pre-portioned meal I’m able to cut down on eating until I’m full every day and that’s when the pounds began to fall off…That and cardio.

You can follow Jordan on Instagram HERE and you can click here to read more about his story over on the Daily Mail.

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