FS1’s Joy Taylor Shares Photos From Greece Vacation, Including Steamy Bikini Pics

Joy Taylor

John Parra/Getty Images

Joy Taylor is living her best life and giving us all vacation envy.

The TV host has decided to grace us with photos from her Greece getaway, and let me tell you, the internet is in a collective jaw-dropped state.

With a fan base larger than the population of some countries, Joy Taylor has managed to accumulate over 630,000 followers on Instagram and 460,000 followers on Twitter.

That’s enough people to start a Joy Taylor fan club with chapters in every corner of the globe.

Now, let’s talk about these vacation photos. Taylor casually shared a series of pics, including one where she’s rocking a bikini that’s so steamy, we’re surprised the ocean water didn’t turn into vapor upon contact. And her caption? Just a couple of heart emojis and the enigmatic words “A story.”

Unsurprisingly, the post went viral faster than you can say “Opa!” with over 12,500 likes.

Joy is not just a vacation photo connoisseur; she’s also the host of the popular FS1 show “Speak.” She hangs out with LeSean McCoy and Emmanuel Acho, casually discussing sports daily.

And it’s not just Greece that’s been graced with Joy’s presence. She recently gave the internet a heatwave by sharing stunning bikini photos from her Boca Raton boat trip.

And last but not least, our vacation queen decided to lie down in a bikini at a luxury resort. Because who needs a lounge chair when you can turn yourself into the ultimate sun-soaking accessory?

Joy Taylor is out there living her best life, making us all wish we could teleport to her vacation destination.