Justin Bieber Gets Mocked For Wearing Ridiculously Baggy Balenciaga Suit With Crocs At The Grammys

Justin Bieber

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  • Justin Bieber wore a ridiculously oversized Balenciaga suit with platform crocs to the Grammys on Sunday.
  • Bieber got immediately mocked by the Internet over his outfit.
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Justin Bieber’s Grammys outfit had people talking on the Internet.

On Sunday, Bieber showed up to the Grammys wearing an oversized Balenciaga suit with platform crocs and a pink beanie.

Via Variety

Now, you may think Bieber’s two-piece suit is several sizes too large, but that deliberately lax silhouette has quickly become one of Balenciaga designer Demna’s signatures. Big, baggy shapes are a recurring motif in his collections, whether applied onto jeans or jackets. To offset the extra-long sleeves and bunched-up trousers of his suit, Bieber made sure to pair it with more structural pieces, like his skintight white tank and extra-thick platform Crocs (made in collaboration with Balenciaga, of course). For a dash of Canadiana, he then finished off the look with a hot-pink beanie—called toques in Canada—as well as some futuristic black shades.

It didn’t take long for Bieber to get mocked by the Internet for his ridiculously baggy suit.

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