K-Pop Fans Flood #WhiteLivesMatter And #WhiteoutWednesday Hashtags With Thousands Of Fancam Videos To Drown Out Racists On Twitter

Korean pop (K-pop) fans have been keeping busy this week helping out the BLM movement with their activism on Twitter.

Over the weekend, the K-Pop fans crashed the Dallas PD’s Iwatch app meant for citizens to turn over video evidence of people committing “illegal” activity during protests by flooding it with fancam videos.

On Wednesday morning K-Pop Twitter got busy again and were able to drown out the hashtags #Whitelivesmatter and #WhiteoutWednesday with thousands of nonsensical or anti-racist posts on the social media app.

The K-Pop stans were successful in their efforts and were able to completely wipe out all the racist posts under the #Whitelivesmatter hashtag in a matter of hours.