Kanye West Slammed For Sad $55 Brunchella Breakfast That’s Being Compared To The Fyre Festival

Rapper Kanye West’s $55 ‘Brunchella’ is getting slammed online for sad breakfast served at 'Sunday Service' show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and being compared to Fyre Festival sandwich.

Getty Image / Rich Fury / Staff

If you are in charge of an event and it is being compared to the Fyre Festival, you need to find a new profession. Kanye West is getting slammed on social media for the sad Brunchella breakfast that was served at this weekend’s Sunday Service event.

On Saturday, Kanye performed songs from his latest album Jesus Is King at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fans had the option to purchase breakfast for $55 at the Brunchella experience. Sadly, the breakfast was so pathetic that it was quickly compared to the Fyre Festival debacle.

Kimberly Kinchen says she was at the Brunchella and was not happy about the breakfast spread.

“This is the wonderful & COLD brunch BUFFET we are being served by Boil & Roux BR,” she wrote on Facebook. “& the server looked at me crazy when I asked for another pancake. WAFB Channel 9 can y’all cover a story on this because I want my coins back for a general admission ticket (FREE TICKET). Edit: I opted out of a small scoop of cold grits.”

The breakfast included pancakes that looked like they were frozen, some thin and pathetic bacon strips, and unappealing sausage patty that looks raw served on a styrofoam plate. The photo instantly conjured memories of the sad sandwich that was served at the Fyre Festival.

The VIP section was also bashed on Twitter, and one person called it a “scam.” “Like they really had us hanging out on a hill away from the stage, promised we’d be ushered in later, only to hit us with ‘nope,'” tweeted a Kanye fan from the @retrobeats account.

On the bright side, it appears that Kanye was able to secure water for the event. No word on what he had to do to get the water.