Kanye West Invited To Direct His Own Adult Movie And Gets Lifetime Adult Site Membership

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Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night and it was really something. Among the topics that were discussed was how he deals with having daughters and if it changed his life. Kanye was peak Kanye with his response.

Kimmel asked the rap superstar if having daughters has “changed your attitude toward women?” To which Kanye responded, “Nah, I still look at Prnhub and stuff.” Kanye then upped the ante by elaborating on his favorite categories and how a production house Blacked is his go-to. Kanye ended by talking about Kanye because Kanye. “What’s the point of being Kanye West if you can’t break down the categories.” Kanye’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy.

Not one to miss out on a potential marketing opportunity, the adult film website gifted Kanye a lifetime subscription to its premium services.

Kanye appreciated the gesture.

Kanye might want to avoid searching for the term “Ray J” while on his favorite website.



The shoutout on national TV also prompted an offer for Kanye to direct his own adult movie. Greg Lansky, the head of Blacked, was super appreciative of the shoutout and offered Kanye a free subscription to the site and a hat. For those not in the know, Blacked is an “award-winning high-quality film & photography studio.”

And Kanye also responded with fire and was probably so excited that he exuberantly sang, “Poopy-di scoop, scoop-diddy-whoop, whoop-di-scoop-di-poop!”

Lansky even offered Kanye a chance to direct his own adult film flick where he would have “full artistic control” according to TMZ.

If the Kanye smut movie script doesn’t involve an actor interrupting a threesome and saying, “Imma let you finish,” than a golden opportunity will have been tragically wasted.

You can watch the entire Kanye/Kimmel interview below.


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