Kanye West Angers Internet Serving Food Off Bodies Of Women, Autopsy-Style Tables

Kanye West Bianca Censori - serves food women autopsy tables

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Kanye West must have been feeling people were not paying him enough attention of late because his latest antics have certainly caught the eyes of folks on the internet.

First, on Saturday night, Kanye celebrated his 46th birthday with a party.

Of course, this being Kanye West’s birthday party, it couldn’t just be normal.

Instead of the usual birthday party with cake and massive amounts of booze, Kanye’s party featured sushi being served on the bodies of naked women.

Why yes, his 9-year-old daughter North was in attendance, thanks for asking.

For the uninitiated, serving food on the bodies of nude women is a Japanese practice called nyotaimori.

That fact, however, didn’t change the negative opinions of many netizens when they learned about it being done at West’s party.

“The concept of a woman being a food platter and everyone is allowed to pick at her like vultures because her purpose is serving them is soooo f***** up,” someone else tweeted.

Speaking of which…

During Kanye West’s Sunday Service (yes, he is still doing them) in Los Angeles this weekend, church attendees and choir members wearing Handmaid’s Tale-style white robes were treated to pieces of meat and watermelon that were served on autopsy-style tables with no utensils.

In case you were wondering, DailyMail.com explained over the weekend exactly what happens during one of Kanye West’s secretive $50 million-a-year Sunday Services.

“The weekly events usually consist of him and his hand-picked gospel choir performing ‘spiritual renditions’ of his biggest hits to an elite group of friends, family members, and fellow stars,” Lillian Gissen of Dailymail.com writes.

“When pressed about the bizarre service, the musician later described it as simply a chance for people to ‘come together and to feel good,’ while his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, called it a ‘healing experience’ that’s less about ‘preaching’ and more about the ‘music.'”

He also on occasion will sell merch like he time he sold socks with “Jesus” printed on them for $50 and sweaters with “Holy Spirit” printed on the front for $225.

Hey, someone’s got to pay for all that food.

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