Kate Beckinsale Credits ‘Absolute Legend’ Keanu Reeves With Preventing Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunction

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If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Hollywood: it’s sequels and stories of Keanu Reeves being the absolute man.

The latest anecdote that highlights Reeves’ famed down-to-Earthness comes from fellow star Kate Beckinsale, who shared a throwback photo of the pair — alongside Denzel Washington and actor Robert Sean Leonard — and revealed that Reeves helped her prevent a wardrobe malfunction at one of her earliest appearances at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

“I had bought the bodysuit in the Sock Shop at the airport and when I got in the car to drive to the premiere with Denzel and Pauletta Washington, all the poppers in the crotch popped themselves open and it flipped up like a roller blind,” Beckinsale said in an Instagram post featuring herself, Keanu, Denzel, and Robert Sean Leonard at the Much Ado About Nothing premiere in 1993.

“I didn’t feel it was appropriate to go delving around in my undercarriage with all of us in the back of the car so I just quietly panicked. Walked out onto the biggest red carpet of my life and whispered to Keanu and Robert Sean Leonard what had happened,” Beckinsale continued.

Beckinsale then credited Reeves and Leonard with helping her out with the wardrobe malfunction despite perhaps not fully understanding the situaiton.

“In this picture, I am holding the front gusset down and the two of them are holding the back gusset. Absolute legends who may not even have fully understood the physics of what was happening or even heard the word ‘gusset’ before, but both jumped in to save me no questions asked.”

Beckinsale was back in Cannes earlier this month for the premiere of the French film The Pot au Feu, which stars Juliette Binoche and Benoît Magimel. And despite the fact that it’s now been 30 years since that photo Beckinsale shared was taken, the English actress looks as though she’s barely aged a day.

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