25-Year-Old Competitive Eater Kate Ovens Devours 3-Foot-Long Baconator Hot Dog Challenge

Competitive eater Kate Ovens ate 3-foot-long hot dog with five types of bacon and melted cheese known as the “BFD” at Four Pure Brewery in east London.

Kate Ovens is a triple threat of influencer, presenter, and competitive eater. The 25-year-old recently attempted to eat a 3-foot-long hot dog topped with copious amounts of bacon, cheese, and sauces, in which she walked away victorious.

The 5-foot-5-inch competitive eater took on the challenge of eating a hot dog that is more than half her size. The 3-foot hod dog served at the Four Pure Brewery in south east London is no joke. They call the challenge the “BFD” or the “Big Friendly Dog,” which is the PG title of the hot diggity dog.

This pork, beef, and bacon bockwurst comes with five types of bacon, including smoked pancetta, melted cheese, bacon-flavored potato chips, bacon jam, and a number of sauces including bacon mayonnaise. The gargantuan wiener is intended to feed a family of four and costs nearly $60. The influencer shared a photo of the lengthy frankfurter on her Instagram, where she has more than 83,000 followers.

The entire hot dog and all of the accouterments weighs about 5.5 lbs. Kate was a little worried about the challenge and said, “Last year, I ate a three-feet-long sausage roll, but the BFD was far thicker.”

Kate Ovens was up for the BFD Challenge as she devoured the lengthy Baconator hot dog in 25 minutes and was not afraid to get a little messy.

Kate said that she got into the competitive eating scene totally by accident, and her inspiration was Adam Richman from Man vs. Food.

“A few years ago I was studying at Newcastle University, dieting and exercising as best I could and casually watching Man vs Food videos online for fun,” she wrote on Huffington Post. “But I constantly thought, ‘I reckon I could definitely do that.'”

“I found a restaurant that served a burger challenge called ‘The Gutbuster’ – a 24oz burger smothered in cheese and bacon, which had to be completed in 20 minutes,” Kate added. “Out of all of my friends, I was the first one to complete the burger within the time limit.”

Kate has eaten everything from humongous burgers to massive pancakes to kebabs to Philly cheesesteaks.