Kayla Simmons Revealing Top Goes Viral As She Encourages To Stay ‘Hydrated’


Jean-Marc Wiesner/Getty Image

Move over, summer heatwaves, because former volleyball star turned social media sensation, Kayla Simmons, is bringing the sizzle to our screens.

With a fan following larger than a football stadium’s capacity, this dynamo has taken the digital world by storm faster than you can say “volleyball spike.”

Fresh from her Mediterranean escapade, where she transformed Greece’s stunning landscapes into her personal runway, Simmons has once again went viral with her latest Insta-post.

Sporting a top so revealing, even the fashion police had to take a moment to catch their breath, as she drank a bottle of GLOW.

She captioned the post with “hydrated ✨,” reminding us that staying moisturized is key, even if we’re not lounging on Greek islands.

You might remember Simmons from her days of dominating the volleyball court at Marshall University, but now she’s spiking hearts and likes on the digital playgrounds of TikTok and Instagram.

Seems like Simmons’ vacation wasn’t just about soaking in the Aegean sun and absorbing culture, but also about reminding us to keep an eye out for the next stunning twist in her social media saga.

First, she’s flashing tops in Santorini; next, she’s sunbathing like a goddess in Mykonos. And if that weren’t enough, she’s dancing on the sandy shores to Taylor Swift, all while dressed in white.

Recently, she demonstrated her fearless mastery of fashion by strutting her stuff in a Pam Anderson red bathing suit, proving that even a potentially epic wardrobe malfunction can’t dim her shine.

So, while the rest of us are struggling to put together a decent beach outfit, Kayla Simmons is taking the world by storm, one viral post at a time.