Marvel Studios Has Been Trying To Cast Keanu Reeves In A Movie For *Years*

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You ever hear the phrase “match made in heaven”? Assuming you don’t hail from an alien planet or, like, Tajikistan, odds are you’re familiar with the saying.

And that idiom has never been truer than when talking about pairing Keanu Reeves with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking to during a press junket in London for the forthcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, Kevin Feige — the grandmaster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — revealed that Marvel Studios has been reaching out to Keanu Reeves for years as they “very much want” to cast him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“We talk to him for almost every film we make,” Feige said. “I don’t know when, if, or ever he’ll join the MCU, but we very much want to figure out the right way to do it.”

The revelation from Feige comes after a report from earlier in the year that Reeves turned down the chance to play Yon-Rogg, the character ultimately portrayed by Jude Law in Captain Marvel.

Reeves’ decision to shun the MCU should not worry fans about his chances of featuring in a future film, though, as he merely turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

That turn of events may ultimately prove to be a blessing in disguise for Marvel Studios, as casting Keanu Reeves as a villain would likely be a mistake (although, who am I do judge the billon-dollar-movie-printing franchise?).

Reeves is somebody that fans want to root for, so slotting him into a role that fans will inherently root against — such as a villain — would conflict with and water down his entire appeal in the first place: that everybody fucking loves Keanu Reeves.

Given Feige’s clear intent to get a deal done and the perpetually increasingly popularity of both Keanu and comic book films, it’s really only a matter of time until Reeves makes his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.