Super Fast Keg Swap At Jingu Stadium In Japan Just Blew My Damn Mind

I’ve said this before here on BroBible, but one of the skills every man should have in life is knowing how to tap a keg. I’m no expert when it comes to tapping a keg but if you hand me a tap and a keg, I’ll get that beer flowing in a very short amount of time. The people you’re about to see, they’re the mother fucking experts, and I say that with no small amount of jealousy. I’ve never in my life seen a keg tapped this fast:

This all went down at the Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, a baseball stadium that holds about 38,000 fans. That’s a lot of thirsty fans in need of beer. Naturally, the Japanese came up with some genius method of serving beer faster and more efficiently than what we’re working with at baseball stadiums here in America. The Japanese aren’t the world’s best inventors, but they’re sure as shit the best at improving upon existing technology. Why serve canned beer from plastic bins that the beer vendor has to set down every time he hands someone a beer when you can just wear a frickin’ keg on your back?


[h/t reddit’s videos]

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