Ohio University Students Throw Toilet Paper And Water At Kent State ‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett During Surprise Appearance

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Controversial Kent State gun girl Kaitlin Bennett made a surprise appearance at Ohio University on Monday and things did not go well for her as she got run off campus by hundreds of protesters who were not happy with her presence.

Bennett dropped by OU on Presidents Day to film a video asking students trivia questions about the holiday, but was immediately heckled by protesters who were demanding that she leave the campus. Additionally, others began throwing rolls of toilet paper at her in reference to a rumor suggesting that she once shit herself at a party while in college.

As Bennett tried to leave the campus, OU students began throwing water at her pickup truck:

Ohio University Police said in a statement that they were caught off guard by Bennett’s surprise appearance, however, they rejected her claims that the crowd was at “riot” level.

Bennett vowed to return to Ohio University with an “army of gun owners” for an open-carry walk through the campus.