We Now Live In A World Where Ketchup Ice Cream Exists And It’s All Ed Sheeran’s Fault

Everybody knows that ketchup belongs on French fries, tater tots, hamburgers, and egg sandwiches (Ketchup on hot dogs shouldn’t be a thing, that’s the place for mustard). Everybody knows that ketchup doesn’t belong on ice cream. This is a fact that is universally known and accepted. Yet, here we are, talking about some wacko place serving ketchup ice cream. And we can all blame Ed Sheeran for this food travesty. Thanks a lot, Ed.

The Gelati Enniscrone & Ballina ice cream shop in Ireland created Heinz ketchup gelato. They were inspired to make this monstrosity because Ed Sheeran and his love of ketchup. The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter is currently on a nine-date Irish tour. Ed Sheeran doesn’t like ketchup. Ed Sheeran LOVES ketchup! Sheeran is so obsessed with ketchup that he has his entourage carry “emergency bottles” of the sugar tomato condiment to ensure he’s never without. And he even has a Heinz ketchup tattoo on his arm.

To honor Sheeran, the gelato joint made ketchup-flavored ice cream. What the hell do you do with ketchup ice cream? Put them on frozen French fries? Ketchup ice cream seems even more unholy than the mutation that is ketchup slices.

The creamy red ketchup ice cream that comes with a drizzle of ketchup. Yo dawg I heard you like ketchup so we put ketchup on top of your ketchup ice cream. Some say that the ketchup ice cream tastes like a Bloody Mary, to that I call bullshit because Bloody Mary’s have vodka and this condiment cream doesn’t. The only way this could get more disgusting is if they used French’s ketchup. In other ketchup related news, Heinz is making a ketchup/mayonnaise hybrid condiment called “Mayochup.”