2 People Killed In Boat Crash Involving Kevin O’Leary From ‘Shark Tank,’ Victim’s Brother: Anyone Guilty Needs To Go To Jail

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Two people were killed in a boat crash involving Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and his wife. Brother of victim says Linda O'Leary should do time if she is guilty in the boating accident.

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Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary and his wife were involved with a deadly boat crash that killed two people. There are many questions emerging on how this tragic boating accident happened and the brother of one of the victims wants people to go to jail if anyone was criminally at fault for the deaths of two people.

Details of the killer boat crash are starting to surface about the deadly boat crash. Around 11:30 PM on Saturday, two boats collided in Lake Joseph in Ontario, Canada. One of the boats was owned by Kevin O’Leary and was navigated by his wife Linda O’Leary.

According to TMZ, the O’Leary’s were in a smaller boat that rammed into a larger 13-passenger vessel. O’Leary’s boat reportedly went “directly over its bow and striking a male passenger in the head, killing him instantly.”

O’Leary claimed that the larger boat “had no navigation lights on” at the time of the crash and that was the reason for the collision. The owners of the larger boat claim that there was “enough light to ID the people on O’Leary’s boat” following the crash.

Sources connected to Kevin O’Leary reportedly told TMZ that “there is video that captures the area of the lake where the collision occurred, and he is looking to get the video enhanced to prove the navigation lights on the other boat were NOT on.”

O’Leary, known as “Mr. Wonderful” on the TV show Shark Tank, also told police that the other boat “fled the scene of the accident.” Joe Scali, spokesman for the West Parry Sound Ontario Provincial Police, said: “Both vessels had left the scene and when they reached the location, both vessels were in touch with ambulance for emergency services.”

Linda was driving the boat at the time of the crash. She was given a breathalyzer test and passed the DUI test. Investigators have not said whether or not speed or alcohol were factors.

There was a third person aboard the O’Leary’s boat who was injured and received stitches at the hospital. Three people on the other boat were also injured, treated at the hospital and released.

The lethal boating accident killed mother-of-three Suzana Brito, 48, of Uxbridge, Ontario, and Gary Poltash, 64, of Belleair, Florida. Brito succumbed to her injuries and was declared dead on Tuesday.

he brother of one of the two victims killed in a collision with Kevin O’Leary‘s boat says if the “Shark Tank” star or his wife are found guilty of wrongdoing, “they’ve got to do the time.”

Larry Poltash, the older brother of Gary Poltash, is searching for answers following the tragedy. He also wants anyone guilty of any crimes to be punished.

Poltash told the Toronto Sun that “he sincerely hopes nobody on the O’Leary’s boat is guilty of any wrongdoing.” But he added that if Kevin or Linda O’Leary were negligent or criminally at fault for the deaths then “they’ve got to do time.”

Larry also said that the driver of the boat is a medical doctor and someone he describes as “cool, calm and collected — he does not panic.” Gary Poltash was a chartered accountant with two children.

Ontario Provincial Police are still investigating the deadly boat crash in Muskoka. “I am fully co-operating with law enforcement in their investigation,” Kevin O’Leary said.


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