REVIEW: KFC Now Makes Chicken And Waffles – This Brunch At Anytime Meal Is Delicious


Fresh off KFC’s Pickle-Fried Chicken Sandwich (review HERE), The Colonel went back to his flavor laboratory to take on an iconic combination — chicken and waffles. This sweet and savory dish from the South gets a fast-food update from KFC.

There are three options for KFC’s chicken and waffles:

1 Waffle Basket ($5.49) with your choice of:
3-Piece Tenders
2-Piece Drum and Thigh
1-Piece Breast

2 Waffle Big Basket ($7.49) with your choice of:
4-Piece Tenders
3-Piece Drum and Thigh
2-Piece Breast and Wing

Or the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich that comes with Hot Honey ($5.99, Combo $7.99).

The beauty of chicken and waffles is the tender marriage of sweet and savory. KFC did a tremendous job of keeping this delicious bond intact for their version of the classic brunch delicacy. I elected for the tenders so there was an equal ratio of chicken meat-to-fried coating-to waffle. Plus you can use the waffle as a tortilla that wraps around your chicken tender to a chicken n’ waffle taco. Unfortunately, you really need at least two waffles even if you’re dealing with only three tenders. It would have been better if KFC charged you a little bit more but it came with a 2-waffle and 3-waffle basket. The baskets come with a small container of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup to bring it all together.

The waffle is a Belgian Liege-style waffle that is sweeter than you expect, has a hint of cinnamon, a bit of crunch (but sadly not as crisp as one may desire) on the outside, soft and doughy almost biscuit-like on the inside, but unfortunately not as airy as a traditional waffle. With the basket, the juicy chicken joining forces with the peppery coating brings the savory and the waffle coupled with the sugary Mrs. Butterworth bring the sweetness. The crisp crunch of the chicken and the pillowy softness of the waffle compliment each other perfectly. Portion size was fantastic and it is a warming comfort food just in time for winter.


I understand that this is not Roscoes. This is KFC. For a fast food version of chicken and waffles, this is fantastic. I give KFC’s Chicken and Waffles Basket an 8.6 rating.

The Chicken and Waffle Sandwich brings the sweet-heat of the Hot Honey slathered on a fried chicken breast fillet in between two waffles. This gargantuan sandwich is so hefty that you need to dislocate your jaw to fit it into your mouth. It’s not too spicy, but I would recommend asking for maple syrup so you can bring up the sweetness to another level and have more a sweet and savory balance. This is a messy endeavor in a good way, you’ll be licking the syrup off your fingers. Word to the wise: Make sure you get wet naps.

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The Chicken and Waffle Sandwich gets a score of 8.8.

Now there’s a reason to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken at 10:30 in the morning or 10:30 pm because you can get brunch at any time your rumbling tummy desires. Plus, there are no long lines, no $11 mimosas that have no alcohol in them, and you don’t have to sit in a brunch restaurant with your fiancé’s friends for two and a half hours listening to stories of how your soon-to-be wife almost hooked up with Jonathan Taylor-Thomas in Cabo on Spring Break in 2002.

This is a limited-time offering so act fast because your brunch on the run is only available through December 31 at all KFC locations nationwide.

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