Just In Time For The Holidays, You Can Buy KFC’s ‘Escape Pod’ That Blocks Internet For $10,000


Want to escape the internet or your family this holiday season? KFC has got you. The fried chicken purveyor is selling an escape pod that allegedly blocks internet reception so you can enjoy a bucket of chicken without being distracted. The dome weighs eight pounds and can fit up to four people inside. KFC, which is not known for making internet-stopping structures, hails the dome as being able to shield you from the constant blast of internet advertising, which is kind of ironic. “Cyber Monday is fast approaching, which means you are about to be bombarded with a hailstorm of coupons, BOGOs, hot dealz, and brand advertising.”

The escape pod is constructed of steel and stainless steel mesh that is a cage that acts “like a magic force field designed to disrupt the internet coming to and from your devices.” On the top of the dome sits a foam Colonel Sanders humping the pod. There is also a chicken drumstick door handle. Someone is going to buy this pod and use it as a hotbox and then eat an entire KFC $20 Fill Up meal by themselves.

The glamorized tent, errr, I mean “Internet Escape Pod,” does come with a hefty price tag. There will be only one sold and can be had for the low, low price of $10,000, and you can see it HERE. The alternative is that you just buy a $10 bucket of chicken, turn your phone off, and go inside a blanket fort that you built for free.