Kid Cudi Is Not Happy With ‘Day N Nite’ TikTok Trend ‘It’s Not Flattering’

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Kid Cudi’s ‘Day N Nite’ is reaching a new audience on TiKTok 13 years after its original release but Cudi doesn’t like how people on the app are using his song on the social media app.

For the past few weeks, TikTokers have been engaged in the “Day N Nite” trend that features people using an audio sample of the song to showcase a funny video after Cudi says “Now look at this.”

Cudi however doesn’t find the trend flattering at all and took to Twitter to voice his disapproval with how TiKtokers are using his song.

At the end of the day, people are going to use the song how they see fit despite how Cudi feels about it.

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