The Internet Mocks Kim Kardashian’s Absurd Private Island Birthday Party Tweet With Hilarious Memes

Getty Image

Seven months into the Coronavirus pandemic and I regret to inform you that rich celebrities are back on their B.S.

Back in March, Ellen Degeneres drew the ire of the Internet when she compared quarantining in her $27 million mansion to being in jail.

Ellen’s faux pas has somehow been outdone by none other than Kim Kardashian West. Over the weekend Kim flew 40 of her closest friends and family members to a private island in Tahiti for an ultra-lavish party to celebrate her 40th birthday.

On Tuesday, Kim took to Twitter to talk about how she made everyone quarantine for two weeks so they could all “pretend things were normal” while living it up on their uber-expensive private island.

Kim’s tweet immediately turned into a hilarious meme as people mocked her and her private island birthday party.

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