VIDEO: Kindergarten Teacher Caught On Zoom Call Giving The Finger To Parent

kindergarten teacher gives parent the middle finger during remote learning class on Zoom call.

iStockphoto / Lacheev

The experiment of remote learning has been a challenge for students, teachers, and parents during the coronavirus pandemic. Students aren’t getting the same level of instruction had they been in the classroom. Teachers are frustrated because children are more easily distracted through remote learning. Parents are having to alter their schedules to accommodate their children being home at all times. The far-from-ideal situation has aggravated all parties. That exasperation was evident in a recent Zoom call when a kindergarten teacher flipped the bird to a concerned parent.

A video went viral on Twitter, reportedly showing a Zoom call fail in New Jersey. In the middle of the video call with small children in the background, an agitated woman is lamenting that the 5-year-old children in her kindergarten class are not paying attention and are “distracted.”

“I understand you’re frustrated. It’s a very good idea to take it off of this,” an apparent parent suggested on the call since there are children are nearby. “I know you said you don’t care who’s listening, but it’s a good idea to take this conversation somewhere else. Just as a point of reference.”

The supposed parent mutes his microphone and cuts off his camera, but he is still on the call. One of the teachers in the small window to the right can be seen flagrantly giving the middle finger to the parent finger while mouthing, “FU,” which we’re guessing she isn’t implying an abbreviation for “Florida University.” The parent didn’t log off and caught the teacher giving him the one-finger salute.

The furious man reacts to being flipped off by shouting, “Do you think I can’t see you?!?!?

We probably need to reopen all the schools before parents, teachers, and kids get even more resentful over remote learning.