Airline Gets Roasted For Tweeting Which Seats On A Plane You’re Most Likely To Die In A Crash

KLM Airline Tweets Which Seats You're Most Likely To Die In A Crash


Knowing which seats on a plane are the most dangerous in a crash – i.e. the seats you’re most likely to die – is a morbid, yet perhaps useful piece of information to have filed away somewhere in your brain.

However! No one really wants an airline that they may use to travel to tweet out such a fact out, basically saying, “Come fly with us! But just know, if you book one of these seats, your chances of survival go down considerably in a crash.”

This is a lesson Dutch airline KLM in India is learning the hard way this week after they tweeted as a part of their “Trivia Tuesday” program, “According to Time, the fatality rate for the seats in the middle of the plane is the highest. However, the fatality rate for the seats in the front is marginally lesser and is least for seats at the rear third of a plane.”

Soooo… DON’T book a seat on one of your planes if all that’s available is a seat near the front? Is that what they are trying to tell potential customers?

As if things weren’t bad enough for KLM, their main Twitter account is currently getting absolutely destroyed for a completely different tweet they made this week about breastfeeding.

Check out that ratio.

Shockingly, the death seat tweet by KLM India has since been deleted. But, you know… internet…

The airline has since apologized for… something…

Too late!



Never change, Internet. Never change.