Kristin Cavallari Reportedly Divorcing Jay Cutler Because He’s ‘Lazy’ And ‘Unmotivated’

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

In 12 grueling years in the NFL, Jay Cutler has raked in $122 million in salary earnings alone at the expense of two fractured ribs, a torn labrum, a broken thumb, some concussions, and 26 interceptions in 2009.

The 37-year-old’s second act is a heroic one—broadcasting for the NFL on Fox looking at infrared footage of deer eating out of feeders on a stranger’s property.

Can a man live? Evidently not.

Cutler and Kristin Cavallari announced their divorce after 10 years of marriage, and Cutler’s acceptance with the sloth life attributed to it.

Page Six sources claim Cavallari found retirement Cutler “unmotivated” and even “lazy,” after failing to chase a role as a sports broadcaster.

“She was growing increasingly impatient with him. He was supposed to take this big job at Fox Sports and have a life after football that would get him up off the couch and do something,” said an insider. “Instead, he backed out — this is [three] years ago — and joined the [Miami] Dolphins. That didn’t pan out well, and he was left with no TV gig until she got the show for them.”

The source added that Cavallari “views herself as very polished and put together, and [Cutler as] this lazy, unmotivated guy.”

Dennis Green: “He is who he thought he was!”

Jay Cutler about to have a glow up like this world has never seen. Watch. #TeamJay.