Country Music Star Lainey Wilson Addresses Reported ‘Yellowstone’ Drama

country star lainey wilson performing at stagecoach

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Not only is Lainey Wilson one of the fastest-growing stars in country music but she’s also branching out into the world of acting, having landed the role of Abby on the massive Paramount Network series Yellowstone.

Unfortunately for Wilson and her Yellowstone paychecks, though, there’s reportedly a decent amount of behind-the-scenes drama.

Back in April, series creator Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner bailed from a scheduled appearance at Paleyfest, which was then followed by rumors of a rift between the two.

Speaking to E! Online earlier this week, Wilson detailed the drama from her perspective, saying that it’s “wild” and that she’s hoping for an update soon.

“I’m planning on getting an update today. It’s wild,” Wilson said.

“Like, just tell me when, man. Yeah, I have no clue what’s going on… I’m waiting on that phone call I feel like I’ve learned that TV business is even crazier than the music business. And that’s the truth.”

Luckily for Wilson, Yellowstone is only a side hustle for her, as she’s currently in the midst of touring the country, which included a recent viral appearance at Stagecoach Music Festival in California.

Wilson’s rise to national fame in recent years has been propelled by the release of her four studio albums, 2014’s Lainey Wilson, 2016’s Tougher, 2021’s Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, and 2022’s Bell Bottom Country.

Bell Bottom Country, in particular, has proven to be a massive career-changer for Wilson as the album racked up six nominations at last year’s CMA Awards:  Video of the Year, Musical Event of the Year, Song of the Year, New Artist of the Year, and Female Vocalist of the Year. Wilson would ultimately win in two of those categories, New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year.

If you want to keep up with Wilson, make sure to follow her over on her Instagram account, where she’s currently followed by over one million people.

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