Wild Videos Capture An LAPD Bomb Disposal Truck Exploding After Confiscating Illegal Fireworks

LAPD homemade illegal fireworks disposal explosion


  • A number of videos captured a wild explosion that destroyed a truck belonging to the LAPD bomb squad
  • Police were called to the scene to confiscate illegal homemade fireworks before things went very awry
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One of my favorite Fourth of July traditions is capping off my night on the East Coast by tracking down a live feed of the festivities in Los Angeles, as many of the city’s residents could not care less about the pesky regulations prohibiting them from honoring America by launching fireworks into the sky.

Those laws do exist for a reason, but they ultimately exist to highlight the pitfalls of the concept of prohibition, as people are either forced to resort to smuggling fireworks into the city or playing amateur pyrotechnician by cobbling together their own awe-inducing explosives.

According to CBS2, a 27-year-old man opted to harness both of those strategies and subsequently found law enforcement descending on his home in South Central in search of the 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks and the homemade incendiary devices the were seized by members of the Los Angeles Police Department and ATF on Wednesday.

An LAPD bomb truck was eventually called onto the scene to conduct a controlled explosion of some of the fireworks that were confiscated. However, it’s safe to say things did not go as planned based on these insane videos of the vehicle being destroyed in a massive blast.

17 people were injured as a result of the incident, which sent the top of the bomb disposal container skyrocketing into the air before hitting a roof of the house where it landed—which was located two blocks from the site of the explosion.


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