Video Of Thousands Of People Shooting Off Fireworks In Los Angeles On July 4th Is Absolutely Wild

Since many cities canceled their annual 4th of July fireworks shows, residents of many, if not most, of those towns decided to take things into their own hands this Independence Day and create their own explosive light shows.

Or in the case of where I live, they’ve been doing it every night for the past five weeks or so, including Sunday night… July 5th, but I digress.

One of those cities, Los Angeles, where offical fireworks shows was canceled is the home to around 4 million people. So if you think it was bad in your town, like I do, imagine being in a city with millions of people where thousands of them are shooting off fireworks, all at the same time.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, because KTLA in Los Angeles took some aerial footage of the city on July 4th which shows something that looks so surreal you would almost think it’s fake. But it’s not.

Look at this…

How freaking cool is that? They should do that every year (because I don’t live there).

KTLA reports…

The fireworks left a blanket of smoke over cities as firefighters spent the night rushing to put out scattered blazes.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said its crews responded to 29 structure fires, 12 brush fires, 17 grass fires, 65 tree fires and 116 rubbish fires just as of 10 p.m. Saturday.

“The numbers speak for themselves. Fireworks are not toys,” LAFD said, reminding residents that fireworks are illegal.

Looks like the South Coast AQMD (Air Quality Management District) was correct in their prediction.

Sunday night, the Los Angeles Fire Department wrote about one such incident, “Fireworks. We get it. They are fun. You want to celebrate. And most of all, everyone wants to feel like life is normal and hang out with your friends, extended family…even strangers will do.

“However, we see a side to fireworks the public doesn’t. Last night, an entire apartment building was destroyed, 50 people were displaced and three were sent to the hospital due to the use of illegal fireworks. And that was just ONE incident.”

Whoops. Okay, maybe let’s not make this an annual thing.

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