Race Created Specifically For Lazy People Will Offer Doughnut Stations Instead Of Water

assorted glazed donuts


Running is always easier with motivation. For example, I’ve run countless races, but one of my best-timed races included the motivation of getting my ass beat by roller derby girls while I ran through the streets of New Orleans.

See, it’s all about the motivation.

The Lard Butt 1K is what happens when friends get together to motivate one another to remain as lazy as possible.

Created by a group of friends who were bemoaning the lack of exercise one gets post-graduation, a joke “Lard Butt” t-shirt led to a small side business as an apparel line and eventually the ultimate in athleticism (for the unathletic) — a 1K, or 0.62 mile race.

This sounds brilliant, but the organizers stated there will be no winners, or losers, and no trophies or anything that’s usually involved in an actual race. So why even show up and run?

Beyond the obviously shortened course, the race will feature doughnut stations placed along the route, rather than water stations. Runners are encouraged to show up in costume and there will also be a beer garden at the end of the course.

Costumes, doughnuts, and beer. Those are three incredibly compelling reasons to get up and “run” a 1K.

[via SF Gate]