Ex-NFL RB Larry Johnson Went On A Unhinged Illuminati/Occult Rant With Regard To America’s Mass Shootings

Former RB Larry Johnson Went On A Weird Rant About Mass Shootings

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Former NFL running back Larry Johnson, who starred for the Kansas City Chiefs for seven seasons and holds the team’s single-season rushing record, has a history of irrational behavior, both on social media and in life.

In 2008, he was suspended by the Chiefs for violating team rules and later suspended by league.

In 2009, the Chiefs again suspended him for Twitter comments about Chiefs’ head coach Todd Haley and reportedly using gay slurs when he addressed the media and on social media. When his two-week suspension ended, the Chiefs released him.

Johnson has also been arrested at least six times since 2003, four of them coming while he was an active NFL player. All of the charges were for either assault, battery or domestic violence, but he was sentenced to probation on each occasion the case actually made its way to court.

Johnson believes he has Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which could explain some of his violent tendencies, but nothing explains his reaction to the recent mass shootings that took place in El Paso and Dayton.

Johnson was quickly corrected by people on Twitter who actually read the chyron on the screen he captured.

He did admit his mistake, but the way he did it… wow.

So his reaction to the two mass shootings was to be excited about spotting the code of the occult?! Yes. Yes, it was. Because it sent him off on a completely unhinged tangent.

Just… wow.

Speaking of wow…