‘Last Jedi’ Trailer Mashed Up With ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Shows They’re Basically The Same Movie

When the trailer for The Last Jedi was released last week, Star Wars fans noticed that there were some glaring similarities to The Empire Strikes Back. Besides The Last Jedi being the second chapter in this new Star Wars trilogy and The Empire Strikes Back being the second chapter of the original trilogy, there are other noticeable similarities. Now we get a mashup trailer that punctuates the parallels between the two Star Wars movies from different trilogies and shows they’re basically the same movie.

This impressive mashup trailer comes to us via the Unusual Suspect YouTube channel, known for their impressive mashups of all kinds of movies and pop culture. While the mash-up trailer is masterfully executed, it also highlights that The Last Jedi is essentially a new version of The Empire Strikes Back.

Darth Vader is Kylo Ren. Palpatine is Snoke. Luke Skywalker is Master Yoda. Rey is basically playing the part of Luke from The Empire Strikes Back where he struggled to decide on whether to fight for the Jedi or be on Dark Side. Crystal foxes are the new Wampa. Porgs are new, but they’re there for Disney to sell cutesy porg merchandise. Even if they’re the same movie, you’ll gladly and eagerly be lining up to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15.