Uncle Described As A ‘Living, Breathing Hang Lose Sign’ Gets A Legendary Obit Sendoff

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As I get older and think about death more often – usually only right before bed – two things have become incredibly clear over time.

I need to find a person(s) to give a killer eulogy and write an obit that makes my life seem far more impressive in print.

The individual who wrote this obituary for their beloved Uncle Bunky is on my shortlist of candidates for the writing gig.

Admittedly, the author did have a ton of material to work with, as Randall Jacobs packed a ton of life in 65 years on earth.

The obit opens, “Randall Jacobs of Phoenix died at age 65, having lived a life that would have sent a lesser man to his grave decades earlier.”

Known to friends as RJ, Uncle Bunky to family, and Bunkster to others, he went out telling a joke “which cannot be printed” on May 4, 2020.

Bunky spent much of his life in dive bars, on ski slopes, and in “various dodgy establishments.”

“He was a living, breathing ‘hang loose’ sign, a swaggering hybrid of Zoni desert rat, SoCal hobo, and Telluride ski bum.”

The author, possibly a nephew of the Bunkster, explains that a night out with Randall Jacobs could end in several different ways including, “a court summons or a world-class hangover.”

The obit makes one final request on behalf of the 65-year-old legend.

“In lieu of flowers, please pay someone’s open bar tab, smoke a bowl, and fearlessly carve out some fresh lines through the trees on the gnarliest side of the mountain.”

[via Warren Kinsella]


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