90,000-Piece LEGO Replica Of World’s Largest Wooden Roller Coaster Is A DIY Masterpiece

LEGO replica world's largest wooden roller coaster


I pretty much have the attention span of a 10-week old puppy. If you’ve been reading BroBible for a while you’ve probably recognized this in my articles. I can’t help jumping from topic to topic a hundred times in an article.

Did you bros see the latest Malcolm Butler rumors? How do you feel about Kendrick Lamar getting snubbed at the (irrelevant) Grammy’s? Anyone out there stoked for Spring Break 2K18? Who are you betting on next week in Stage 1 of the Champion’s League soccer matches? I’m thinking Man City beats Basel, PSG beats Real Madrid F.C. When’s the next cold front? Should I switch gyms? WTF is wrong with the AFC and why can’t any team make the Super Bowl other than the Pats? Who would win in a fight, a bald eagle or a harpy eagle?

That took me about 4 seconds to type because my mom jumps around like that all day every day. So the thought of sitting down and completing a 90,000-piece LEGO project is something that’s never crossed my mind because I just can’t stay on task long enough for a project of that size and scope. But I’m certainly impressed by this dude who did exactly that, put together 90,000+ LEGOs while building the world’s largest wooden roller coaster replica:


A tiny camera attached to the rollercoaster gives us a bird’s eye view of what it’s like to ride on this tiny coaster. In case you didn’t catch the name in the video, this is a replica of the ‘El Toro’ rollercoaster at Six Flags, the world’s largest wooden roller coaster which is the 3rd tallest and 2nd longest wooden roller coaster in the world (4th fastest).

(h/t Sploid Gizmodo)