Let’s watch as real-life lesbians attempt to act out sex advice from Cosmopolitan

How does a lesbian get down? And are they doing it properly? Well, Cosmopolitan thinks it knows the answer to both questions and is here to change the girl-on-girl game forever.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Yup, the magazine that has for decades given the shittiest sex advice imaginable to us regular ‘ol straight folk has finally decided to get into the game of telling lesbians how to do what it is they do.

In an article titled ‘23 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions‘ Cosmo proved once again that nobody they employ has any concept of how the body works, and what actually constitutes good sex.

But the story doesn’t stop there, it seems that somehow HuffPo was able to track down some actual REAL LIFE LESBIANS, yes, we’re talk LESBIANS IN THE FLESH here folks, and got them to act out some of Cosmo’s horrid sex positions. The results are fantastic:

Waaaait a minute, you mean to tell me that Cosmo’s sex positions were unrealistic? And not as sexy as the images they mocked up? What kind of world is this where all lesbians aren’t insanely hot, glistening in hot sweat 24/7 whilst making out in public? I call shenanigans! Somethings wrong, again, I call shenanigans, everyone get your brooms, we’re fighting in the streets!.


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SOURCE: Uproxx via HuffPo