A Third Of Americans Have Lied To A Partner About The Intimate Details Of Past Relationships

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Americans Lied Partner About Sexual History Survey


A new study of 2,000 people in a relationship found that honesty is not always the policy when it comes to revealing the dirty details of our past, at least according to the 29 percent of survey respondents who admit they’ve lied to their partner about their sexual history.

According to those polled, men are the bigger deceivers with 37 percent saying they’ve lied to their partner, compared to only 25 percent of women.

Learning about your partner’s sexual history can be an enticing lesson, with over half of respondents (53 percent) reporting they want to know every last intimate detail of it.

But for some, it’s a touchy subject. A third said their partner’s history makes them feel jealous, and another one in five (18 percent) say they don’t even want to know a single thing about it.

One in five (19 percent) have even ended things after learning about their partner’s past.

The new survey, conducted by sex toy provider EdenFantasys, found that while your partner’s past is a dividing subject, most of us (76 percent) are definitely curious about it.

And whether you want to know or not, it’s bound to come up. Only 16 percent of those in a relationship said they’ve never talked about it, with 28 percent saying they actually talk about it frequently.

On average, the sexual history conversation doesn’t come up until five months into the relationship. But a very curious 31 percent will talk about it within the first month.

So, what exactly do people want to know about their partner’s intimate background?

How many people they had sex with was the top curiosity, naturally, with 56 percent saying they wanted to know how many people their partner had been with. How many people they’ve dated (40 percent), and sexual things they’ve done (30 percent) rounded out the top three.

But what’s the “right” number of past partners? Men on average think their partner should have had nine partners, while women think their partner should have closer to six.

Interestingly, men on average think six is too little of a number for their partner to have, whereas women think three is too little. But men were nearly twice as likely than women to say they’ve told a partner their number is actually higher than it really is.

“Your partner’s past is a taboo and often divisive topic,” said Fred Petrenko of EdenFantasys. ” Our study showed that will actually congratulate and even high-five their partner after they learn how many people their partner has been with, but a sizable portion doesn’t want to know anything and even get upset when they find out. Our previous study showed that people will even get jealous if their partner has been with a robot. We at EdenFantasys are always striving to learn and understand more about human sexuality.”

When comparing numbers, men have four more sexual partners than women, according to the results, with men reporting they have an average of 13 and women saying they have 9.

But when it comes to reliving our sexual pasts, almost everyone is ready to talk about it, with 84 percent saying they’re open about it.

And the majority of survey respondents ultimately agreed that their partner’s sexual history has no influence on their current relationship, because when it comes to a good time in bed, 76 percent point to good communication with their partner.

“The lesson we took away from this study is that your partner’s sexual history doesn’t matter,” continued Petrenko. “All that matters is who you’re with now. Good communication in bed, and maybe spicing things up with a sex toy, can go a long way towards a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship.”

Top curiosities about partner’s sexual history
• How many people they’ve slept with — 56 percent
• How many people they’ve dated — 40 percent
• Sex acts they’ve done — 30 percent
• Funny/embarrassing sex stories — 23 percent
• Participated in threesomes/orgies — 22 percent
• Nothing — 18 percent

The debate: Should you know your partner’s history?
• Yes, I want to know everything — 53 percent
• No, I don’t want to know anything — 18 percent
• Don’t care — 29 percent

I wish my number of sexual partners was higher that it is.
• Men — 30 percent
• Women — 9 percent

I wish my number of sexual partners was lower that it is.
• Men — 24 percent
• Women — 42 percent

When talking about past sexual partners, have you ever:

Tripled my number.
• Men — 13 percent
• Women — 4 percent

Said a number that was only a third of my actual number.
• Men — 17 percent
• Women — 8 percent

Lied Partner About Sexual History Survey Study