The ‘Game of Thrones’ Guys’ Next Project Is Turning Into A Literal Murder Mystery In Real Life

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The Three Body Problem, Netflix’s upcoming adaption of the best-selling Chinese sci-fi with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, has devolved into a real-life murder plot as Lin Qi, the chairman of the Chinese company that owned the rights to the property, has died.

Qi, who was poisoned on December 16, unfortunately, passed away over the weekend on Saturday, December 26.

Yoozoo Group’s chairman, Lin Qi, who is credited as a producer on the Netflix series alongside Benioff, Weiss and others, was hospitalized after having been poisoned on Dec. 16, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Shanghai police. Local authorities have apprehended a suspect, surnamed Xu, whom they believe to be responsible for the poisoning.

The suspect Xu, 39, has been identified by Chinese media outlets as Xu Yao, a senior executive in Yoozoo’s film and television division (only his surname and age were released by police). Local reports have alleged that a prior dispute among the Chinese entertainment company’s executive ranks preceded the surreptitious assault on Lin. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

Benioff and Weiss’ post-Game of Thrones career has been far from smooth sailing, as every single project they’ve tried to launch has run into complications.

First, there was Confederate, a series at HBO that would’ve explored a world where the American Civil War ended in a stalemate and the Confederacy maintained independence. Needlessly to say, that series was swiftly shamed into cancellation by the general public.

Then, there was their planned Star Wars trilogy, which was promptly ripped away from them following the truly disastrous final season of Game of Thrones. Now, Netflix’s The Three Body Problem — which was already facing resistance in Washington due to its ties to China — is already off the rails.

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