The 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies List Reveals The 50 Best Places To Work In America

LinkedIn 2019 Top Companies List Reveals The 50 Best Places To Work


LinkedIn’s fourth annual list of the 50 most in-demand companies determines which are the most sought-after by job-seekers and professionals in 2019.

By examining billions of actions taken by their over 610 million members, LinkedIn was able to learn what the top companies for 2019 are doing to attract job seekers.

“More than half a billion professionals around the world rely on LinkedIn to navigate their careers and stay informed,” says Daniel Roth, Editor in Chief, LinkedIn. “Top Companies takes all of those actions and surfaces the companies where people most want to work — and where they stay once hired. The competition for top talent has never been hotter; now in its 4th year, Top Companies has become the definitive list of who is attracting the right people and how they’re doing it.”

Alphabet (No. 1), which reclaimed the top spot this year, Facebook (No. 2) and Amazon (No. 3) maintained a strong hold on the top three spots despite their challenges over the last year. Meanwhile, Tesla (No. 16) drops out of the top 10 for the first time in the list’s four-year history.

While technology companies continue to dominate the list, industries making a resurgence include financial services — with Bank of America (No. 18), Citi (No. 22) and Wells Fargo (No. 25) making the list — and advertising — with representation from Interpublic Group (No. 31), Publicis Groupe (No. 34) and WPP (No. 40), all for the first time.

LinkedIn 2019 Top Companies List Reveals 50 Best Places To Work


Emerging trends…

Hot hiring ahead of IPO: Companies that recently filed for an IPO or plan to file in 2019 are driving interest from job seekers, specifically: Uber (No. 6), Lyft (No. 19), Pinterest (No. 29), Spotify (No. 14), and Dropbox (No. 32).

Companies emphasize values over perks: Companies are emphasizing company values over office perks, even as their values evolve with the times. Disney (No. 17) is paying full tuition even for its part-time workers; Slack (No. 23) is running a coding skills program within prisons; Lyft (No. 19) is offering free therapy to employees and their dependents; WeWork (No. 13) has all-vegetarian cafeterias; Goldman Sachs (No. 21) has relaxed their once-strict dress code, and WPP (No. 39) has banned drinking in their ad agency offices.

Tech companies, old and new, dominate rankings: Tech continues to be the fastest growing industry in the U.S., and more than half of this year’s top companies are from the tech industry. Traditional tech stalwarts such as Oracle (No. 9), Dell (No. 10), Cisco (No. 12), and Intel (No. 37) are competitively ranked alongside more recently founded companies including Airbnb (No. 8), Netflix (No. 11), Splunk (No. 39), and Snowflake Computing (No. 49).

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Noteworthy changes…

Nearly 40 percent of companies are new to the list: Of the 50 companies on the list, 19 are new to the rankings. Newly recognized Top Companies to work for include Bank of America (No. 18), Citi (No. 22), Slack (No. 23), Wells Fargo (No. 25), Pinterest (No. 29), Coinbase (No. 35), and others.

Biggest gainers: moving on up are Deloitte, which jumped from No. 22 to No. 5, Cisco went from No. 31 to No. 12, and WeWork (The We Company) gained 23 spots to rise from No. 36 to No. 13.

Advertising debuts: for the first time, job applicant interest pushed advertising holding companies onto the list with three leaders debuting: Interpublic Group (No. 31), Publicis Groupe (No. 34) and WPP (No. 40).

Banking is making a comeback as a desirable industry: three newcomers on the list — Bank of America (No. 17), Citi (No. 21) and Wells Fargo (No. 24) as well as cryptocurrency platform Coinbase (No. 35.).

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Here is what the top 10 companies on the 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies list are doing to attract job seekers…

Alphabet (No. 1) is spending $13 billion to expand into 14 new U.S. states this year, where it will hire tens of thousands of new employees.

Facebook (No. 2) has 100% pay equity for female employees in the U.S. and globally.

Amazon (No. 3) raised its minimum wage in November to $15 per hour for all employees and expanded its 401(k) contributions to include part-time and seasonal workers.

Salesforce (No. 4) offers opportunity to workers without a college degree, including roles for a Senior Marketing Specialist and a Senior Lead Content Writer.

Deloitte (No. 5) actively invests in their employees by incentivizing them to pitch big, ambitious ideas in the Startup Deloitte program.

Uber (No. 6) is fostering internal mobility, encouraging more than 3,000 employees to transfer to a different role in the company in 2018.

Apple (No. 7) plans to create 20,000 new jobs over the next five years across its existing campuses and build an all-new campus in Austin.

Airbnb (No. 8) encourages its employees to get out of the office and into the world with $500 in employee travel credits each quarter, which roll over if not used.

Oracle (No. 9) offers technology job opportunities to workers outside of Silicon Valley with over 90% of their employees based outside of their San Francisco headquarters.

Dell Technologies (No. 10) prides itself on its flexible workplace policy, which collectively saves U.S. employees 136 million miles of travel a year.

2019 LinkedIn Top Companies List
50. Workday
49. Snowflake Inc.
48. DocuSign
47. McKinsey & Company
46. ServiceNow
45. Nike
44. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
43. Box
42. Rubrik
41. Major League Baseball
40. GE
39. Splunk
38. WPP
37. Intel Corporation
36. Twitter
35. Coinbase
34. Publicis Groupe
33. EY
32. Dropbox
31. Interpublic Group
30. PwC
29. Pinterest
28. Verizon
27. Johnson & Johnson
26. SAP
25. Wells Fargo
24. Adobe
23. Slack
22. Citi
21. Goldman Sachs
20. ADP
19. Lyft
18. Bank of America
17. The Walt Disney Company
16. Tesla
15. Comcast NBCUniversal
14. Spotify
13. The We Company
12. Cisco
11. Netflix
10. Dell Technologies
9. Oracle
8. Airbnb
7. Apple
6. Uber
5. Deloitte
4. Salesforce
3. Amazon
2. Facebook
1. Alphabet

The complete U.S. Top Companies list, along with lists representing additional global markets, video interviews and special features, can be found here.

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