Little girl ordered by teacher to unclog toilet with her hand, according to parents

It tends to be frowned upon when eight-year-old girls are forced to unclog toilets with their bare hands. One Jacksonville substitute teacher is just now learning this.

Clogged toilet image by Shutterstock

The parents of the unidentified girl claim that their daughter was with another girl when the toilet was clogged. Upon telling the substitute teacher at Dinsmore Elementary School, they were instructed to go unclog the toilet.

Millicent Jones, the girl’s mother, told News 4 Jax that the little girl “proceeded to wrap her hand in toilet paper, dig down inside the commode, remove the contents and place them in a trash can.”

When Jones called the school district seeking an explanation directly from the substitute teacher, she claims she was given the runaround.

Though the school assured her that “appropriate action had been taken,” the company providing substitute teachers, Kelly Services, said in a statement that they “are looking into the situation fully.”

The family is currently getting blood work done on their daughter to make sure she didn’t contract any diseases from the incident.