Tennessee Woman Sets World Record For Longest And Most Glorious Mullet Ever Grown

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iStockphoto / Liudmila Chernetska

A Knoxville, Tennessee woman has just set a new Guinness World Record for the longest mullet ever grown. She hadn’t cut her hair since 1990!

The woman by the name of Tami Manis officially has the most ‘business in the front, party in the back’ of any woman ever measured. For context, the average height for adult women in America is 5’4″. Her mullet measured 5 feet, 8 inches long.

This is easily one of the best mullets grown in the history of the human species. Behold, Tami’s 5’8″ mullet that was just published by GWR and claimed the record for ‘longest competitive mullet (female).’

Incredibly, she started growing her mullet back in the 1980s when she first saw the music video for ‘Voices Carry’ by Til Tuesday. And if that’s not the perfect reason to grow a mullet, I don’t know what is.

Upon learning this, you’ll likely want to look up that music video so I have saved you the time:

Of the music video, Tami told GWR “The girl had a rattail and I really wanted one of those.”

She then cut off her accumulating mullet back in November of 1989. A decision she deeply regretted and then three months later in February 1990 she made the decision to never cut the back of her mullet again. Henceforth, it would always be business in the front and party in the back but only the front would get cut.

That determination has paid off as she’s just entered the hallowed Guinness World Record Book as having the most magnificent world record mullet ever recorded. Of course, it’s possible that some sort of ancient person had grown out a mullet that never got recorded but that’s highly unlikely.

Funnily, she says that people recognize over over the years and remember her mullet at various stages of growth. As in, she’ll bump into someone every 5-10 years who is like ‘are you still growing that world record mullet’ and she’s all ‘sure am!’

Apparently, in order to keep her mullet so fresh and so clean she uses Hask hair products.