Machine Gun Kelly Raps About Killing Eminem In New Track ‘Bullets with Names’

Machine Gun Kelly releases new diss track 'Bullets with Names' where MGK says he killed Slim Shady.

Getty Image / Steven Ferdman / Contributor

Machine Gun Kelly has reignited his rivalry with Eminem with a new track titled Bullets with Names. In the new song, MGK gloats about killing a “goat,” which many believe is a shot at Slim Shady.

Nearly a year and a half since Eminem and MGK engaged in a diss track war, Machine Gun Kelly has gone after Marshall Mathers again. Machine Gun Kelly released his new single Bullets with Names, featuring Young Thug, RJMrLA, and Lil Duke. The Cleveland rapper makes a veiled attack on Em.

“Killed me a goat so my jacket got stains on it / Wipin’ my nose like I got some cocaine on it,” MGK raps. “Pulled out his coffin and ate me a plate on it / Called up his bitch, showed my dick, let ’em lay on it.”

Will Eminem respond? Based on his song Unaccommodating off the Music To Be Murdered By album, Eminem won.t The track, which was released in January of 2020, Eminem said that he was done with MGK.

“But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is,” raps Em. “I cleansed him of his mortal sins, I’m God and the Lord forgives, even the devil worshippers / I’m moving on.”

In January, Eminem posted his version of the Dolly Parton Challenge.

Colson Baker responded by saying, “50-year-old artists tryna be relevant to the youth by posting trending meme’s is something i never thought i’d see #2020.”

The hip-hop battle started in the summer of 2018 as both rappers traded diss tracks at one another. First there was Machine Gun Kelly’s verse on Tech N9ne’s No Reason, to which Eminem fired back with Not Alike off Kamikaze. The MGK shot back at the Rap God with Rap Devil.

Bullets with Names gives you a preview of what kind of sound you’ll hear on MGK’s fifth album, Tickets To My Downfall, which will be released later this year.