The Worst Movie Ever Is In The Works As Machine Gun Kelly Will Direct And Star In A ‘Stoner Comedy’ With Pete Davidson

Machine Gun Kelly To Direct, Star In Stoner Comedy 'Good Mourning'

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  • Musical artist Machine Gun Kelly is taking another step into the world of movies.
  • Kelly will direct and star in the stoner comedy Good Mourning alongside Pete Davidson.
  • The film will also be co-directed by Mod Sun and will feature a cameo from Megan Fox.

Pineapple Express, this is not: according to reports, Machine Gun Kelly [real name Colson Baker] will direct and star in a “stoner comedy” titled Good Mourning.

The attempt at movie directing and acting is the latest career pivot from Kelly, who recently turned to pop-punk after Eminem ended his career as a rapper back in 2020.

Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun directing and starring in the stoner comedy Good Mourning

Billed as a stoner comedy, “Good Mourning” stars Baker and Sun, with a cameo from Megan Fox. Baker plays movie star London Ransom, whose world is turned upside down when he receives a break-up text from the love of his life on the day of the most important meeting of his career.

“Compounded by chaotic roommates and wildly unpredictable twists and turns, London’s day keeps going downhill until ultimately, he is forced to choose between pursuing his one true love and landing a life-changing, starring role in a major motion picture,” the film’s plot description reads. [via Variety]

To make matters worse, the film is being co-directed by Mod Sun, who is, um, this guy.

In addition to Machine Gun Kelly and Fox, Good Mourning will also star Pete Davidson, Becky G, Whitney Cummings, Dove Cameron, GaTa, Zach Villa, Jenna Boyd, and Boo Johnson. The film will release on Friday, May 20.

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