VIDEO: Man Catches Stranger’s Phone Mid-Air On 83-MPH Roller Coaster, Becomes Instant Legend

A man riding a roller coaster saved a fellow rider from a nasty injury when he made an incredible catch of a phone flying through the air during the amusement park ride.

The Shambhala roller coaster at the PortAventura Park in Spain is the second-tallest (256 feet), second-fastest hypercoaster (83 mph) and has the second-longest drop (256 feet) of any roller coaster in Europe.

That means your phone’s screen protector isn’t going to do much if you drop your phone in the middle of the ride. It also means if you drop your phone and a rider behind you gets clunked in the head, they are going to suffer some serious injuries. Thankfully, Samuel Kempf saved the day with an immaculate reception.

Thanks to his 100 awareness and lightning-quick reflexes, Kempf was able to snag a cell phone before it smashed someone in the face or plummeted to the ground. Video shows the moment during the roller coaster ride that Kempf made an amazing catch of the iPhone X that was hurtling through the air. I guess you could say that there’s great phone reception on that roller coaster.

Maybe the Raiders should give this dude a tryout. A thrillseeker a few rows ahead of Kempf dropping his phone mid-ride.

“He was trying to reach down and grab it but because he was locked in he couldn’t reach it,” Kempf told Stuff New Zealand. “And I just jokingly said to my brother and the people we were with ‘get ready to catch.'”

“The ride started and I totally forgot about it because I was just in the moment because it was such a good ride and then after the first drop we rose up and I just saw the phone drift across my view so I reached out and managed to catch it.” Kempf returned the phone to the rightful owner, who gave him a big hug and bought the roller coaster video for making the amazing catch.

It turns out that Kempf is an athlete. Kempf, who is from New Zealand, was in Europe representing his country at the Fistballing World Championships (say what now?) in Switzerland. While visiting family in Spain, they went to the popular theme park. Instant legend.