Good Samaritan From Atlanta Drives 89-Year-Old Man 1,000 Miles Back Home To Texas After Harvey

If you read or watch the news there seems to be an overwhelming mood of divisiveness and anger in America right now. Granted there are some real issues that we all need to help improve in this great nation, but we can’t lose focus of what makes America great. There are absolutely amazing Americans who are helping their fellow countrymen in the bleakest hours. One story, in particular, comes to us from Texas. This is where a good Samaritan drove a complete stranger nearly 1,000 miles back home after he was forced to flee before Hurricane Harvey devastated the coastal areas of Texas.

Brannon Walton had never met 89-year-old Burt Haney in his life, but that didn’t stop him from driving the complete stranger from Atlanta to his home in Rockport, Texas. As Hurricane Harvey approached Texas, Burt was forced to leave his home in Rockport and retreat to a family member’s house in Atlanta, Georgia. Burt thought he might never see his home ever again, but then he met Brannon in Atlanta. The two hit it off and Walton was gracious enough to drive Burt all the way back to Texas, nearly 1,000 miles away from Atlanta. He was willing to drive a complete stranger over 14 hours for no compensation and just so this elderly gentleman could go back to his home. Incredible.

“I owe him an awful lot, because I would never have made it back home (without him),” Haney said of Brannon. Walton replied, “He owes me nothing. You owe nothing.”

“I took it upon myself me and my wife to just house a few people from the area, and we’re just here bringing them back now, so we’re here to help out as much as we can,” Brannon said.

When Burt arrived at his home he saw the damage the devastating Category 4 hurricane inflicted on the neighborhood and his house. There were shattered windows and mold was building up throughout the home. Haney believes he can fix his house and he wants to continue his friendship with Brannon. You can watch the video of the inspirational story at ABC KSAT 12. We need more people like Brannon Walton and more stories about people like Brannon Walton.