Alabama Man Inexplicably Falls Through Waffle House Ceiling And Starts Fighting People

Waffle House

Simon Daoudi / Unsplash

For once, this is some crazy news that isn’t coming out of the Sunshine State. Instead, it’s just a little to the northwest of Florida but still in the Bible Belt, over in Birmingham, Alabama.

A man was filmed falling from the ceiling at a Waffle House before immediately trying to fight people (clip below has NSFW language). Prior to busting through the ceiling and landing on a table, the man had allegedly locked himself in the bathroom where he’d tied his jeans to lock the door but not until he broke the sink and toilet. That’s when he supposedly climbed into the ceiling and all hell broke loose.

The 27-year-old crashed through the ceiling at the Waffle House in Tuscumbia, Alabama, started a fight, then hopped into his car. This is when the police chase allegedly took place, a police chase which ended with the guy eventually abandoning his car and fleeing the police on foot.

According to ABC news affiliate WAAY-TV the police are pursuing warrants for the damage caused to Waffle House which leads me to believe he somehow escaped the cops when he took off on foot. Everything about this is batshit crazy. Again, I’m shocked this didn’t happen in Florida.

Here’s that clip of the 27-year-old falling through the ceiling and starting fights. I’ve included the video from both Twitter and YouTube to make it easier for you all since I know some work filters out there block one or the other. Again, there’s some NSFW language in the video.

According to Fox News, it was the man’s weight which caused the ceiling to buckle and give way. After that, you hear the employee shouting ‘don’t go nowhere!’ This is when the fights start as the 27-year-old tries to haul ass out of the Waffle House and runs into a customer blocking his path.

“We’re glad everybody’s OK — nobody was injured,” Pat Warner, a representative for Waffle House, tells Fox News.

“We’re not sure why this gentleman went into the bathroom and crawled up onto our ceiling,” he added. “However, we are aware that some people may be confused as to the meaning of a ‘drop-in’ ceiling.”

The Fox News report says the suspect took off before police arrived while the WAAY-TV report claims there was a chase. Presumably, the cops tried to find the guy after they arrived shortly after he took off and that’s what defines the ‘chase’ here.

If you’ve ever watched HBO’s Mr. Show with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk then you’ll find this eerily similar to the criminal named Ronnie Dobbs. The entire time I was watching this clip and reading about the incident, all I could think about was Ronnie Dobbs.

(h/t WAAYTV)