Dad Pretends To Be Prime Minister Of Morocco To Score A Restaurant Reservation And It Works Perfectly

Morocco flag

iStockphoto / HStocks

My college roommate/best friend from H.S. was born in the USA but looks like he’s fresh off the boat from Ireland. He used to go into liquor stores before the age of 21 and pretend to be Irish by using an Irish accent. He’d concocted this whole backstory of how he’s from the County Cork and here visiting relatives. 95% of the time they’d never ask for his I.D. because they were either too transfixed on his accent and hearing about Ireland or they figured since you can drink at 18 in most of Europe they might as well let this one slide. This story is like that but better.

This dude’s dad was trying to score a reservation at a restaurant that was completely booked. Instead of giving up, he called back minutes later after being shut down by the restaurant and he pretended to be the Prime Minister of Morocco. Not only did he get the reservation but he also got the best table in the house and the Head Chef asked him for an autograph. The story and moment was captured and shared on Twitter:

As you can imagine, everyone on Twitter lost their damn minds reacting to this incredible story:

It’s not often you see a man that old going viral for sneaking into something by pretending to be someone else. You see this with the World Cup and fans pretending to be with the team, and events like that. But it’s rare that you see an elderly man pretending to be a Head of State and pulling it off.