Man pulls gun on girl, carjacks her on first date

There’s romance, love at first sight, and then there’s Donald McGee allegedly pulling a gun on a woman on her first date and stealing her car.

Car jacking image by Shutterstock

Nimeha Milien spoke to Florida’s WPBF about the traumatic situation she says she endured on her birthday weekend.

Milien claims that she never met McGee but started to talk to him after he spoke to her via text message on Friday evening.

Shortly after they began talking, ol’ smooth talking Donald McGee convinced Milien to join him for an impromptu date.

They had a regular date, according to Milien, just talking with nothing out of the ordinary.

When the date was coming to an end at a Wendy’s parking lot, McGee was supposed to be waiting for his brother to pick him up. Instead, he allegedly drew a gun on her and made off with her car.

McGee faces charges for armed carjacking, robbery with a firearm and possession of marijuana.

“I don’t even want to go anywhere anymore,” Milien told WPBF when they asked if she would date again. “It makes me really scared.”

This is an awful story for Nimeha Milien if true. But here’s a life lesson: If your date begins with unsolicited text messages and ends in a Wendy’s parking lot, I’d say you’re going to end up a loser that night regardless of the outcome.