Man Tweets That Women Prefer ‘Losers’ Over Winners Like Him, Proceeds To Get Destroyed By Said Women

Man Tweets That Women Prefer Losers And It Doesn't Go Well For Him


Which kind of person are you? The kind of person who apologizes when you say something that you didn’t realize would infuriate people, or the kind of person who doubles down and tries to talk your way around it because you’re too hard-headed to admit that you may have screwed up?

One Twitter user who goes by the handle “Dangerously Beefy” appears to fall squarely into the latter category.

For you see, Mr. Beefy, who has around 5,600 Twitter followers, said something that ended up being seen and commented on by WAYYY more people than that – and not because they all liked his tweet (though many did).

Here’s what got the masses so stirred up.

“My housing is paid for. I make a good salary. I get health insurance, 401k, 700 lbs of beef a year, and I live on a couple hundred acres. I’m a puncher by trade with a bachelors degree,” Beefy wrote. “And I swear you women would rather have a loser than a provider. It’s sad.”

Sounds like a real catch, no? Not according to the dozens upon dozens of women who saw his tweet and decided to weigh in with 700-plus pounds of their own beef.

Same. Carry on…

Beefy’s tweet also vexed a few men as well.


Annnd here comes the doubling down I mentioned…

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