North Carolina Man Wins $750,000 Lawsuit Against His Ex-Friend Who Seduced And Stole His Wife

by 10 months ago


When you log onto sexually-explicit websites and click on videos titled ‘Wife Cucks Her Unknowing Husband With His Best Friend,’ you’re only thinking about yourself and your custard slinger.

No one is thinking about that poor husband, working 15 hours at the coal mine to put food on the table for a wife who’s already had a heaping serving of boner kabob. 

Well, the state of North Carolina has become a voice to the voiceless, using an obscure state law that allows people to file a suit for “alienation of affection” against the person that seduced their spouse.

Kevin Howard was the beneficiary to a $750,000 lawsuit victory using this law after his good friend befriended him only to steal his wife.

“He came to my house and ate dinner with us,” Howard told WITN, adding that the man’s actions were intentionally meant to destroy his marriage. “We shared stories. We talked about [our] personal lives.”

Howard claims his wife initially attempted to throw the blame on him and his work habits as the primary reason for her desiring a divorce.

“She had originally told me that she wanted a divorce because I work too much, wasn’t around to be there and I worked too much. I talked about that as part of my mistake in the situation, but it was like a punch in the gut because I thought I had this trust for 12 years and love,” said Kevin Howard.

Howard compared splitting with his wife and finding out she was boning his good friend to “someone calling you and telling you that a family member had tragically died” and said that it was the “hardest thing I’ve ever had to face.”

Howard’s anguish is why he decided to take lawful action against his former friend, a move that was initially met with laughter from the defendant.

Cindy Mills, Howard’s attorney, revealed to WITN:

“I said, ‘Do you find something funny about this process? And he said, ‘Yes…I think it’s funny that your client would sue me over this,’” Mills said. “And for people who have that perception of this [law], that’s a very dangerous perception to have. Because the same person who laughed in that deposition, that defendant now has a $750,000 judgment against [him], so I don’t think he’s laughing now.”

Mills said that it remains to be seen whether Howard will actually see the money he was awarded by the courts. If the defendant can’t pay up, the it will turn into debt owed and hammer the defendant’s credit, which is the likely scenario.

But, Howard claims he didn’t sue for the money.

“I feel that it’s very important that people understand that the sanctity of marriage is important especially in this day and age when people question everyone’s morals,” he told the station. “And the state backed me up on it.”

Congratulations to Kevin Howard on the victory. I’m sure your friend will pay you some of the money after he’s done wiping his baby batter off your wife’s back. Kidding. We laugh so we don’t cry.



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