Map Of The States That Drink The Most Beer May Surprise You

Beer, glorious beer. Americans love the nectar of the gods. Even George Washington brewed his own beer 261 years ago. Americans drink nearly 7 billion gallons of beer a year. But which states love the liquid gold the most?

VinePair utilized data from 24/7 Wall St. to find out which states drink the most beer. The results may surprise you. Based on most beers consumed per capita, the beer haven of the U.S. is New Hampshire at 40.6 gallons of beer per capita.

The reason for all the beers being purchased in New Hampshire is that it doesn’t have any taxes on alcohol. They certainly live free in New Hampshire. The no-taxed booze causes N.H.’s New England neighbors to buy cheap alcohol and who could blame them? The Midwest states dominate the field after New Hamshire with Montana (39.4), North Dakota (38.3), South Dakota (38.2), and Wisconsin (34.3) coming in the list.

1.) New Hampshire
2.) Montana
3.) North Dakota
4.) South Dakota
5.) Wisconsin
6.) Maine
7.) Nebraska
8.) Nevada
9.) Vermont

If you rank the states based on total gallons of beer consumed, the populated states grab hold of all of those sudsy brews. California downs 724.9 million gallons of beer, followed by Texas at 626.3 million gallons, and Florida sneaks in at #3 with 423.1 million gallons.

1.) California
2.) Texas
3.) Florida
4.) New York
5.) Illinois
6.) Pennsylvania
7.) Ohio
8.) North Carolina
9.) Michigan

Check out all of the totals over at VinePair.


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