Marcus Jordan And Larsa Pippen Are Getting Married

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan

Romain Maurice/Getty Image

In a twist that could make basketball fans do a double-take, it seems like Michael Jordan might soon find himself in a surprising new chapter of family dynamics.

According to a scoop from TMZ, Marcus Jordan, and Larsa Pippen, the former flame of MJ’s on-court rival Scottie Pippen, are apparently taking their relationship to the next level.

The budding couple was spotted enjoying a cozy dinner at Jones in West Hollywood, raising eyebrows and dropping hints about their impending nuptials.

As the paparazzi played detective, they didn’t waste time asking Marcus about the rumored wedding bells. With a grin that could rival his father’s slam dunk triumphs, Marcus responded, “We’re looking for a location.”

When pressed about a potential wedding date, the younger Jordan revealed that the planning process was indeed underway.

However, all is not bliss in the land of basketball royalty romance. Michael Jordan had made his stance clear about this budding relationship, and it wasn’t exactly a slam dunk of approval.

The basketball icon had expressed his disapproval of the connection during his recent dining escapade in Paris. Looks like there might be some hoops to jump through before everyone gets on the same page.

As we await further developments in this intriguing love story, fans can’t help but wonder if Marcus and Larsa’s union will bring about some unexpected matchups on the family court.