Ex-Marine Says His Unit Saw Massive UFO Being Loaded With Weapons By Unmarked US Forces

ufo in sky - marine unit loaded weapons indonesia


A former Marine has broken a 14-year silence and revealed that he saw a UFO being loaded with weapons by unmarked US forces in 2009.

Michael Herrera, 33, was 20-years-old when he was sent on a humanitarian mission following the 2009 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

It was there that he says his six-man unit saw a hovering octagonal UFO which appeared to be being used by unmarked US forces.

“I could see something moving and rotating,” Herrera told DailyMail.com. “It was changing colors between a very light matte gray to a very dark matte black. It stuck out like a sore thumb.”

Herrera added that his unit had not been given radios to report what they were witnessing so instead they slowly approached the craft for a better look.

“The thing was massive, the size of a football field,” Herrera told DailyMail.com.

“The craft was rotating in a clockwise motion while changing colors. It had an audible hum to it, like the sound of a transformer or a guitar amp. It was an octagonal shape with a pyramid at the top of it that was black.

“It had ‘scales’ that were on the outside of the craft that covered the whole craft. It had seams and sharp edges which I suspect to be man-made. Nothing on it was smooth. It had some panels on the vertical edges that were like Vantablack.”

When he and his unit got within around 150 feet of the UFO, Herrera claims they were greeted by eight men wearing all-black camouflage and bullet-proof vests, and armed with M4 rifles with high-end night vision attachments.

“They had their weapons drawn on us,” he said. “We could audibly hear their weapon safety levers flipping off safe.

As they had their weapons confiscated and the military IDs scanned, Herrera said he saw men loading “large weapon cases” onto a platform beneath the UFO.

“When the last two trucks finished unloading and drove off, the lower part of the platform rose off the ground to about 10 feet and the craft lowered to meet it and it came together into one piece,” he said.

“On the corners of the craft, it had lights that were changing between blue, red, yellow and green.

“It rose off the ground and a little past the trees, then shot off to our left towards the ocean at around 4,000 MPH.

“We can’t believe this is f***ing happening. From a dead stop, it didn’t make any sound like a sonic boom, it didn’t disturb the trees like rotor wash would. We could see coconuts on the trees and none of them were disturbed.”

He said when he returned back to his base in Japan an Air Force lieutenant colonel in full uniform but no name tag told him, “You’re not allowed to talk about what happened, not to your chain of command, not even a general. You will go to prison, or you will die.”

Herrera, who now runs a private security company called Valkyrie Eye, said the new UFO whistleblower protections enacted in December’s National Defense Authorization Act led him to finally tell his story.

His five unit members are still too afraid to come forward.

“It’s not worth my life or jeopardizing my family,” one of them wrote to Herrera.

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